Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is processing and shipping time?

Please allow the following times from order to arrival:

Processing Time: Please allow 3-5 days on all pre-made/ ready-to-ship waist beads and 7 - 10 BUSINESS days on all other products and waist beads

Shipping: Shipping is via USPS, UPS, and DHL and times may vary depending on where in the country you live. Please allow standard USA – 1-3 business days and for Canada – 7-21 business days.

** Holiday times please add an additional 2 days for processing. If you are ordering gifts, make sure to order them 2 weeks in advance.**

What is the return policy?


So long as you add “Seel Return Assurance” to your order at checkout, you’ll receive a refund on your order for any reason or no reason at all!

Get more details here:

We do not allow order cancellations.
However, we will gladly offer store credit if you no longer want your order to be shipped as we understand circumstances change.

Resizing Policy and Fee

Please ensure you have the correct waist measurement at the time of your order as there will be a resizing fee for any change requests due to size and fit.

There will be a $15 resizing fee for all incorrect waist measurements and the customer will responsible for shipping to and from The Waist Vanity.  

Can I shower with my waist beads?

YES. Waist beads can be worn at all times however, over time, some beads may fade in color. As with any material, elastic and cotton strings may weaken over long periods of time.

Can I shower with my waist chains?

NO. Our waist chains are only 18k gold plated meaning if they are continuously exposed to water, the color will fade over time. 

Are The Waist Vanity waist beads/chains removable?

Yes. Our waist beads are easily removed by untwisting the barrel clasps (if applicable)

Our traditional tie-on waist beads are not removable once tied. However, all traditional styles can have barrel clasps added to them if you wish.

Our waist chains always come with lobster clasp and jump ring for easy removal.

Our clasps are nickel-free. The claps are called barrel clasps by Bead Landing. The Waist Vanity is not responsible for any allergic reactions.

Are The Waist Vanity waist beads/chains plus size friendly?

Yes. We offer waist beads up to 75 inches.

What materials do you use?

Waist Beads at The Waist Vanity are made with colored glass beads, semi-precious gemstones and high-quality fishing line and cotton string for long lasting wear. We use a mix of colorful high-quality Czech, glass seed beads, and authentic beads from Ghana and Kenya

Can I wear waist beads while pregnant?

Yes! When measured above or comfortably at your belly button, the waist beads will roll up as your baby bump grows.

Do waist beads have meaning? What are waist beads used for?

Traditionally the art of adorning oneself with waist beads is an age-old African tradition dating back to the 15th century. Different regions in Africa wear waist beads for various reasons during different stages in one's life.

Waist beads have many uses (weight management/body shaping) and meanings that symbolize femininity, sensuality, fertility, status, healing, protection, rites of passage, intimacy/seduction, etc.